Clay Pot Chicken!

Each clay pot is on its own heat source - which is a tapered cement cylinder in which they burn coal. Not charcoal - but actual coal. You take the pot to your table and take the top off and eat. Yum!

My observations on the cooking process - one scoop of rice and equal amount of (boiling) water. Return to boil, add chicken and cook covered. When liquid is mostly gone add another 1/2 cup of liquid (which looked like a dark oil - but probably a broth), a few squirts each from bottles of dark sauce (like soy and others), a few pieces of a sweet sausage, chopped scallions and cook some more. The tables had dishes with slices of fresh red chili peppers.

I used a slow shutter speed to capture this guy's frantic pace.

Kuala Lumpur, April 1996.

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